Swimming is a great form of exercise and is among the most fun activities one can do during their free time. For this reason, swimming programmes for kids and adults are quite in-demand. However, although swimming is a very popular activity, it takes a unique individual to become a competent swimming instructor. Teaching different people a variety of basic and advanced swimming skills is a demanding job that requires a person’s full attention.


To be able to swim skillfully, you need to learn how to swim under the guidance of a swimming instructor with certification in Singapore. While swimming instructors have unique styles and personalities, they all tend to possess certain characteristics that make them an ideal fit for the job! In this article, we enumerate some of the best qualities that separate an individual from a decent to an excellent swimming instructor.


1. Has extensive training and experience

A swimming instructor must not only have expert knowledge in swimming but extensive training as well. Being able to swim is one thing, but knowing how to teach other people to swim is an entirely different thing altogether. To ensure that an instructor is qualified to teach others swimming in the safest and most effective way, ensure that they have undergone adequate training and attended a swim teacher course in Singapore.


Aside from training, an instructor should also have enough swimming and teaching experience. Before choosing a swim teacher, enquire as to how much experience they possess. While an instructor with little experience does not necessarily mean they are bad per se, tremendous experience is often an indicator of excellence.


2. Maintains patience with every student

As with any other teaching job, patience is a vital quality that a swimming instructor should ideally possess. Different people learn differently – not everyone learns how to swim at the same pace. A competent swimming teacher understands this and maintains great patience with all students at all times. This is especially important when working with students with fears. A good swimming instructor must be patient enough to ensure each student eventually becomes a confident swimmer.


3. Looks for ways to engage all students 

A professional swimming instructor needs to know how to deal with different students who come from diverse backgrounds. Their communication should be accurate and clear, and they should know how to engage with every student. In other words, for swimming instructors to be effective, they need to possess people skills. A teacher can be very knowledgeable in swimming, but if they do not know how to effectively pass on such knowledge to the students, it may be best to look for another instructor.


4. Passionate about swimming

Last but not least, passion is another essential quality that every incredible swimming instructor has. Teaching swimming lessons is not just a job; it is a responsibility that requires significant effort and dedication. For an instructor to teach swimming lessons tirelessly, they should consider swimming a passion – something they love doing no matter their moods! Most of the time, a passionate swimming teacher exudes positive energy that is contagious to their students.



Teaching other people how to swim is not as easy as it may seem. It requires great knowledge, skills, experience, and character to become an effective swimming instructor. If you are planning to learn how to swim and are in search of the best swimming classes in town, the characteristics we shared in this article are what you need to look for in a swimming instructor. On the other hand, if you think you have what it takes to teach swimming lessons instead, consider enrolling in a swimming teacher course in Singapore!


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