Swimming is a sport that millions of people participate in as a form of exercise, leisure or just because they love it! Being in the pool doesn’t just aid your body to be consistent in terms of fitness. It also ensures peace of mind as swimming can be deemed therapeutic.


Many parents enrol their kids in swimming schools in Singapore as swimming is not just for adults. Children can gain multiple benefits! Here are five benefits of your kids being in swimming lessons from a young age:


1.Overall Health

Strength and coordination are key takeaways from children being able to swim from a young age. It’s prevalently known that swimming is a full-body workout for anyone taking part in them, be it children or adults. Since kids are still growing, their muscle strength is emphasised from the beginning through swimming. Not only does it burn calories, but it is also low-impact and a fun way to exercise regularly. If your kid has asthma, this may be the best sport for them as swimming is less likely to trigger asthmatic symptoms.



2. Academic Skills

There is always a goal that can be reached in swimming! Swimming ensures a steady development in motor skills and boosts language development. Using both hands in swimming is the cause of this, as kids will be using their left and right sides of the brain. Swimming has also made children gain more discipline and confidence and strive to achieve their goals. This is because of the constant improvement that can be attained in swimming with each stroke, timing, and even lap.



3.Better Appetite

When your kid is in the pool, even just for an hour, a lot of their energy is used during swimming due to burnt calories. This significantly improves their overall diet compared to kids who do not swim. This, in turn, works well for parents as their children would want to eat more to gain their energy back.



4.Preventing Drowning

Being in the water is dangerous for people of all ages. However, it is particularly dangerous for children to be in the water without adult supervision or proper training in swimming. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, children aged 1-4 have the highest drowning rates. Therefore, training them to swim from a very young age will enable them to swim and protect themselves in a situation where no adult is present.



5.Improved Relationships

As a parent, being in the water with your child is a crucial experience for both parties involved. If you have a toddler, being in the pool with them and guiding them to swim is the first step to enhancing your relationship with your child. It promotes healthy communication between you and your kid as instructions are involved when you are carefully threading them through the water. This ensures quality time is spent between you two and your kid will be learning a new skill at the same time!



These benefits will ensure a fulfilling and productive time spent in the pool for your kids. At Swimwerks, we offer a ‘Learn to Swim Program’ where swim coaches will build your child’s confidence and educate them on the importance of building a strong foundation in swimming.

If you are looking towards getting certified as a swimming instructor, we offer a Swimming Instructor Course where you will learn to recognise the potential in a student and guide them to excel in swimming.