Aqua Fitness Programme

Why you should give aqua fitness a try?


Aqua Fitness is Accessible to Anyone

Whether you workout once a week or are starting to get active for the first time in your life, our Aqua Fitness programme is ideal for you. To ensure that everyone can participate in lessons, we are intentionally held in shallow water.


You Don't Sweat Heavily

It’s not that you don’t sweat during our Aqua Fitness programme; rather, water is excellent at controlling body temperature and evaporating perspiration. However, you will still be burning those calories, so you will need to drink plenty of water.


You Will Have Mental Clarity

Your mental health improves with our Aqua Fitness programme. It improves mood and lessens anxiety and despair.


It is Gentle on Joints

Our Aqua Fitness programme removes the weight that gravity is pressing down on your body, reducing joint impact by 85%. Aqua Fitness is an excellent workout for anyone healing from an injury because of how low-impact it is.


It is a Full-body Exercise

Even though Aqua Fitness is gentle on the joints, your muscles are still being worked hard. The water’s resistance to every movement in our Aqua Fitness programme helps to build muscle and improve flexibility.


Aqua Fitness is Enjoyable

Our Aqua Fitness programme gathers friends and like-minded individuals together. You will be happy that you find a slot in our programme and attend a session.

Aerobics Lesson

Exercise invigoratingly while the water cushions your joints to prevent injuries!

Exercises for the aerobics lesson were designed to be mostly done vertically in shallow water. Strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance are all enhanced by the environment created by water resistance. Warm-up activities are followed by a series of exercises that alternate between cardio and strength training. The lesson ends with stretching and a cool down. With this structure, participants’ aqua training is made more enjoyable and novel.

Aerobics Lesson

Tabata Lesson

At Swimwerks, we’ll use the water’s inherent resistance to engage every muscle in a Tabata-style workout!

Our Tabata lesson is a High Intensity Interval Training which takes place in the water. With around eight rounds of labor, participants exert their maximum effort for 20 seconds before recovering for 10 seconds. All skill levels can benefit from this session because it is a work-at-your-own-pace lesson.

Zumba Lesson

Get the pool party going! Join the calorie-burning, Latin-inspired dance fitness party that turns working out into a celebration.

This lesson also referred to as the Zumba pool party, redefines the concept of a revitalizing workout. We will combine traditional aquatic fitness disciplines with the Zumba philosophy to create a safe, difficult, water-based workout that is cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, unbelievably enjoyable. Be prepared to move, twist, splash, and smile.