Statistically, did you know swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States? The reason comes from how many benefits swimming comes with. It boosts your mind and body, burning as many calories as running while increasing your cardiovascular system to strengthen your blood pump.


Many people see swimming as a leisure activity and see no value in swimming regularly, but this cannot be further from the truth. You can receive a variety of advantages from swimming laps regularly. In this article, we share more about the benefits of swimming!


1. Effective in and outside of your body 

Just like how it helps you on the outside in terms of the muscles that may start to show, swimming is just as effective at strengthening one’s body.


Your cardiovascular system works hard alongside your muscles, and your heart and lungs become more vigorous as you swim. According to studies, swimming is so healthy for you that it may even lower your risk of passing away. In fact, swimmers have a death risk of around half that of inactive people!


Singapore swim coaches are always obliged to help when working out the body, giving their best to help all students, especially here at Swimwerks.


2. Swimming equals a better sleep

An ordinary struggle people might share is that they have trouble falling asleep. But did you know that a boost in quality of life and sleep can be seen after swimming?


Many people with physical limitations who perform other exercises, like running, can benefit from swimming. Because of this, swimming might just be a fantastic option for senior citizens who want to have a more restful sleep. Swimming programmes for toddlers and young kids similarly help in helping parents put their children to sleep by keeping them active and tired.


3. It helps you burn calories

A full-body workout – like swimming – helps you burn more calories. As such, this is a fantastic way to burn calories efficiently due to the amount of resistance built up during swimming. In fact, swimming will help you burn more calories than running over the same distance.


Many people who swim regularly can commend how the activity helps them stay in shape. This is why swim teacher courses in Singapore can be gruelling if not taken seriously, and participants are not at the right fitness level to deal with the intensity. So, if you’d like to increase your fitness level, perhaps a swim teacher course with us might just do the trick!


4. Swimming is a stress-relieving exercise 

The effects of swimming on a person’s mood are so powerful that choosing to exercise (or not) even makes a difference over short periods. This helps manage stress and keep people’s emotions in check in their daily lives. Letting it go in a pool is an underrated outlet to release inner tension. Don’t just take it from us – many people use water to manage their emotions, and it helps them remain focused, diligent and determined in their daily life.



Picking up swimming as a hobby will only benefit you in the long run. Even better, with their families is an excellent way for children to build water confidence and not be as afraid. For families that wish to get their children started and develop their swimming skills, our well-trained and certified coaches are more than ready to guide your children in their swimming journey.


Here at Swimwerks, we are not just a swim school. We are an aquatic hub providing a one-stop solution in the aquatic industry, from lifeguard services and water activities event management to professional courses and lifeguard technology and aquatic products. Join us today!