Frequently Asked Questions

Learn to Swim Program

Are there classes on public holidays?

There will be NO CLASSES and lessons shall be deemed as completed.

Can I seek a replacement or makeup classes for group classes?

No, for group classes there will not be any replacement or makeup.

Is the 5th lesson mandatory for group classes?

Yes. Additional mandatory lessons shall be charged accordingly with a top-up of a pro-rated lesson fee as swimming is a motor-skill and it requires consistency in a child’s learning.

Can I skip the lesson if my child's teacher is absent?

No. Swimwerks will arrange a replacement teacher. The replacement teacher will brief on individual students learning progression and this will ensure that this lesson will be held meaningful and smooth.

Can I withdraw my children from the group class?

Yes. However, you need to submit an advance one-month notice to our operations team ( The one-month deposit shall offset the final month of swimming classes with us.

Can I temporarily stop my group classes?

No. Our group classes are set in a small class setting of 4 students to 1 coach. Any temporary stoppage of individuals will affect the classes.

Can I transfer my swimming time slot permanently?

Yes, there will be an allowance for a one-time transfer of timeslot. However, if you are requesting for a second time there will be an administrative charge implemented.

What do my child/I need for swimming lesson?

Swim Board
Swim Noodles
Any other equipment will be provided by the academy