Drowning is a silent threat. We often think it involves shouting and lots of attention, but many drown in silence as they use their energy to prevent it. Not only can it happen to anyone, but it happens within seconds. Children aged 1-4 die from drowning compared to any other cause, emphasising the precautions to be taken while swimming. Here are four ways in which you can minimise the risk of drowning while swimming:


1. Learn Swimming

If you’ve had swimming lessons since you were a kid, the possibility of drowning is reduced significantly. Among other benefits of kids having swimming lessons from a young age, preventing drowning is a significant reason everyone should learn how to swim. The water safety skills and threading of water taught in swimming lessons will go a long way in ensuring your and your child’s safety in the water. Swimwerks offers swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety.


2. Supervision

Although your child might be in swimming lessons or already has the necessary skill sets to be independent in the pool, it is always wise to keep a close eye on them while in the water. Drowning happens quickly and quietly, emphasising the need for close supervision without external distractions such as reading or using your handphone. If your home has a pool, ensure it is fenced up and fully enclosed. Moreover, have doors leading to your pool that you can shut and lock when you’re not around the area so your child will not have direct access to it.


3. Learn CPR

As a parent, a friend, or a mere passer-by, knowing CPR can potentially save someone’s life. The time taken between someone drowning and inhaling the water to the paramedics arriving on the scene is crucial. You can do your part to help by performing CPR on a said person and sustaining their health till the professionals can take over.


4. Have a Buddy

Before swimming, you should always invite a friend or family member to accompany you. This precaution will be especially helpful for those who have been out of the water for a long time or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. With your buddy by your side, they will know your needs and can help you if you need them. If you have heart conditions, seizure disorders or a special needs friend, ensure to be equipped with everything you or your friend needs before going into the water.



Drowning is a risk that every person is prone to, regardless of whether you’re just starting to learn to swim or if you’re a professional. Taking necessary precautions is never a waste of time and should always be considered. These precautions do not just help you or your child, as you never know when someone needs them. If you’ve always wanted to get familiar with the water, you can learn swimming in Singapore at Swimwerks, as we offer swimming lessons for adults, kids, and more. Join us now and stay safe in the water!