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Swimwerks’ Lifeguard Services in Singapore

Lifeguard services in Singapore are provided by companies that specialise in ensuring the safety of swimmers and other water enthusiasts. At Swimwerks, our services include trained and certified lifeguards for hire. Our lifeguards are equipped to handle emergencies and assist those in need. They may be stationed at swimming pools, public beaches, water theme parks, and other aquatic facilities to provide surveillance and quick response in an emergency. Our contract lifeguard for hire is perfect if you are looking for a long-term lifeguard service provider

Private Lifeguard Services in Singapore

In addition to traditional lifeguard services, Swimwerks also offer mobile private lifeguard-for-hire services in Singapore. These services are handy for private events, such as pool parties or corporate events, where additional lifeguard coverage is needed. These lifeguards are trained professionals equipped to handle emergencies and ensure the safety of all guests. They can also provide pool safety advise and instructions for children and non-swimmers to ensure that everyone have a fun and safe experience. If you are looking to hire a lifeguard for your private events, contact us today!

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Contract Lifeguard Services

Our contract private lifeguard services in Singapore are recommended for organisations that are looking for a long-term aquatic partner. Our lifeguards for hire will provide and manage the aquatic safety of your facility.

This service is suitable for organisations such as:

  • Hotels
  • Water Theme Parks
  • Schools
  • Country Clubs
  • Private Pools
  • Condominiums

Mobile Lifeguard Services

Our mobile private lifeguard services in Singapore are customisable at cost-effective rates. We provide and manage aquatic safety for ad-hoc events and short-term engagements.

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This service is recommended for:

  • Event Organisers
  • Pool Parties
  • Private Events (hosted by the pool or beaches)
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Remote Controlled Lifebuoy - Dolphin1

The rescuer will use a remote controller to control this self-powered electric water rescue device. Time is of the essence when it comes to water safety, and this equipment can rescue a casualty faster than any trained swimmer. This innovative technology bridges the gap between lifebuoys and jet skis due to its deployment with low cost, precision, and emphasis on the safety of the rescuers.

This bright orange device will ensure its presence is noticed through high penetration flashing fog lights while continuing to function and bring the casualty back to safety. Did you know that this buoyancy’s functionality is equivalent to 2 regular lifebuoys? This leads to the device’s ability to carry multiple casualties in one action.

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