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Learn to Swim Programme

Swimming is a stress reliever not just for adults, but for kids as well! By allowing them to build fitness and muscle strength along with other advantages, the Learn to Swim Program will help your child with their swimming journey. Through the international teaching approach, we will teach kids to learn through games and in a fun and engaging environment. Their confidence will improve significantly with consistent swimming techniques taught by us. With our swimming school’s teachings of basic values and foundations, your kid will have a steady learning experience with the most skilled swimming coaches in Sembawang, Singapore!

Swimming Instructor Course

Train to be the next sought-after swimming coach in Singapore for swimming schools now! If you have a passion for being a swimming coach, our Swimming Instructor Course will ensure that you receive the foundation you need to kick-start the journey. Backed with 20 years of training experience, the swimming course is the beginning of your new journey as you get to share your knowledge with others.

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Lifesaving Courses

Our Lifesaving Courses are designed to equip aspiring lifeguards with technical skills to recognise aquatic emergencies and learn how to deal with them. Swimwerks Academy Pte Ltd. in Sembawang will provide you with the necessary classes so that you can become a certified lifeguard.