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Singapore Polytechnic (SP) engaged Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd. for part time lifeguard services from Sep21 to Jan22.

Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd. was responsible and abided to the contractual terms closely. Even though in the beginning of the contract there was one incident with their lifeguard on duty, they were able to response quickly to mitigate the problems. In addition, a prompt solution was put in place to resolve the problem, and prevent similar issue from happening again. They were also patient in listening to our feedback and accommodating in finding a win-win solution. After which, lifeguard operation at SP went smoothly.

Thus SP is satisfied with the services provided by Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd and had awarded them with another year of Lifeguard service.

I believe they will do a great service to the stakeholders they are working with.


Service Provided:

Lifeguard Services


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