While it may seem like swimming and swimming lessons are best reserved for the sunny months to beat the heat, it’s actually a good idea to keep up with the classes all year round. But given the busyness of daily life for kids and adults alike (whether it’s tackling school work or a regular day job), it’s natural to think how challenging it will be to squeeze time for a dip in the pool.


Thankfully, swimming lessons don’t take as much time as you may believe; sessions typically take between 20 to 30 minutes, and having them once a week will suffice. Many swim coaches – like our Singapore swim coach – even provide private swimming classes at your private pool or condo, making it more convenient and easier to stick to a consistent schedule. As such, read on to learn the extreme benefits of regular swim lessons that extend beyond the pool.


1. Boosts your immune system

According to a 2011 study, swimming in the cold waters of the pool can help increase the number of white blood cells in your body and improve its immune system defences. Besides white blood cells, this activity also includes other components of the blood, such as red blood cells and platelets. Other studies have revealed that regular swimming in cold water makes these effects last for longer.


As such, having year-round swim lessons means maintaining a healthy white blood cell count that fortifies you against germs and other changing conditions. With the increased awareness of our health and well-being in this post-pandemic world, swimming is a great addition to anyone’s health regimen!


2. Maintain your swimming skills

Just like any skill, a lack of regular swimming practice leads to the deterioration of muscle memory and, thus, becoming ‘rusty’. For kids, maintaining their swimming skills is doubly more important to ensure they know how to swim for good and will never find themselves in danger if left unsupervised in any body of water. Consistency is key to helping your child develop water confidence, avoiding having to reacquaint themselves in the water, and being more comfortable and confident in their swimming regardless of the water-filled environment.


3. Stay in shape all year round

Setting aside time for exercising when you’re busy with your career or studies at school can be difficult. That said, it’s important to make time to destress occasionally, and a weekly swimming lesson is a perfect way to do so. The relaxing feeling of being in the water can do wonders in letting out stress, and swimming is still an exercise that helps you stay in shape all year round. In a sense, having regular swim lessons hits two birds with one stone!



It’s best to think that swimming is not exclusive to the sunny months of May and June but rather a beneficial activity you can maintain all year round. Besides improving your swimming skills, keeping up with classes also provides a handful of benefits, as discussed above.


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