A Career Changing Opportunity!

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The objective of this course is to allow you to conduct your own swimming lessons for children aged 3 years and above.

This course is both an educational and rewarding experience with abundant career opportunities.

What to expect during the course?

  • Theoretical and Practical lesson schedules.
  • Sharing of knowledge and key factors to take note of during swimming lessons.
  • On the Job Training Opportunities.
  • Become a certified swimming teacher and obtain a swimming coach certification when you complete the swimming instructor course.
  • Key Factors to kickstart your first Swim class at your desired venue!

Other Courses In Our Academy

Learn To Swim Programme

Dip your toes in the water with our Learn to Swim Programme! By offering fundamental values and foundations in your swimming journey, we will guide you to have a strong foundation for a steady learning experience. Our experienced coaches are well-versed in aquatic safety and have an excellent track record of working with children.

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Lifesaving Courses

As an aspiring lifeguard, you will be equipped with the technical skills necessary to recognise aquatic emergencies and learn to utilise them whenever needed. Sign up for our Lifesaving 123 Award Course and Bronze Medallion Award Course to begin your journey as a lifeguard!

Other Services That We Offer

Looking for a lifeguard? Whether you are looking to hire a long-term service provider for your organisations, such as water theme parks, hotels, country clubs or ad-hoc aquatic events, Swimwerks has the solutions for you. Swimwerks can provide lifeguards on both Ad-Hoc (Mobile) and a contractual (Long-term) basis.

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