Nordcom Learn To Swim Program Terms & Conditions

Why you should give aqua fitness a try?

Swimwerks is a private business entity that provides aquatic training services to our corporate clients and in-house students. We are a team of passional professionals who deliver quality aquatic and water safety trainings to our valued clients and students.

Safety Briefing & Disclaimer

Swimwerks utmost priority is SAFETY!

Swimwerks will not compromise the safety of anyone, including our students, students’ parents, and our swim teachers. Safety is always our first priority in Swimwerks. Together with our team of dedicated swim teachers, we strongly advise all parents and/or guardians to always keep close supervision of their children near and in the water.


In the event of an accident/mishap, Swimwerks and our swim teachers shall not be held liable and responsible for any damages, injuries, or death. This is applicable before, during & after our swimming classes. In an event of any loss/stolen items, Swimwerks shall not be held liable and responsible for any damages or losses of personal belonging.

One-Time Registration Fee

A one-time registration fee of $50 per student will be applicable to all new students, inclusive of a complimentary swim cap. Any student who has terminated with Swimwerks, will be deem as a new student and will be required to re-register with Swimwerks.

Monthly Swim Fee

All swim fees are quoted and charged on a monthly package for all group sessions (up to 4 lessons per month). All monthly swim fees are to be paid in full amount to Swimwerks on the 1st of every month, and before the commencement of swimming lessons.

One-Month Deposit

Swimwerks requires a one-month swim fee deposit from all students before the commencement of the swimming class.

Example: Should you wish to end your swim lessons by December, you will need to inform us in November. Regardless of which date you inform us in November, your deposit with us shall serve as December’s swim fee payment. No payment will be required for December; however, you will still be required to make payment for November’s swim fee.

Fifth Lesson of the Month

For all swimming classes that fall on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of the calendar months, swimming lessons will be conducted as per normal which will be deemed as the fifth lesson mandatory for group classes. In the event of the months with the fifth week, additional mandatory lessons shall be charged accordingly with a top-up of a pro-rated lesson fee. Should the fifth lesson fall on a public holiday, there will be no lesson and lesson will not be charged.

Public Holidays

There will be no swimming classes in the event if the swimming lessons fall on a Public Holiday. Lessons that fall on a Public Holiday will still be charged, however, for each public holiday that falls onto a class day, Swimwerks shall denote a credit value of SGD 18.00 to every group class student. This $18.00 credit can be used off on the following month’s lesson fees or for the purchase of Swimwerks swimming accessories (goggles, board, wetsuit, noodle, etc) only.

T&C for the $18.00 credit applies as follows: Non-exchangeable for cash. Non-transferable. Valid and must be utilized, within the calendar year. In the event of withdrawal, the notice and final month of the public holiday will not be entitled to the public holiday credits. To use off the credits, kindly call Swimwerks Office. Swimwerks reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice.

Payment Details

Please ensure to input the following in the bank comments section:
Invoice number or location code with student’s name/day and time of swim class
All payments shall be made to: Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd.
1. Paynow to UEN: 202006135N
2. Bank transfer to 519594667001

Overdue Payment

An overdue payment fee of 5% shall be imposed for any outstanding payment made after the 7th of each month. Swimwerks reserves the right to suspend any student’s swim lesson(s) in the event of recurring late payments without prior notice and/or compensation. Swimwerks reserves the right to void any verbal confirmation and/or refuse any students or classes should the student’s swim fee/deposit be incomplete or unpaid. Swimwerks will strictly not entertain any make-up or refunds for lessons missed due to late payment(s), even if payment(s) is made subsequently at a date later than the 7th of the month.

Transfer Policy

All classes, payments and deposits made are non-transferrable.

Temporary Discontinuation

Our swim lessons are scheduled weekly on a fixed day and time which requires a minimum of 4 lessons monthly. The school is unable to grant any temporary stop as it is a group class and lessons will go on as per usual. In addition, we are not able to hold on to your slot as there are incoming enrolments and students on the waiting list. Hence, there will be no temporary discontinuation of classes. For any withdrawals, a one-month notice is required in which the deposit will be utilized for the final month.

Refund Policy

All swim classes payment and deposits made are not refundable. In the event, the swim lesson is being cancelled or terminated by Swimwerks, a pro-rate of lesson will be made on the following month or a refund with administrative charge shall apply as accordingly.

Termination of Swimming Classes

Swimwerks has a one-month advance termination policy. Upon notice to terminate swimming classes, the swim fee for the current month is still chargeable in full amount. The one-month deposit shall offset the next and final month of swimming classes with Swimwerks.

Students Facility’s Conditions

All Swimwerks swimming pool venue has their own set of in-house rules and regulations, which Swimwerks does not have the rights to interfere or amend over each facility’s regulations. Swimwerks parents and students shall deem agreeable which complies to the venue’s in-house rules and regulations.

Student’s Swim Progression, Assessments and Certifications

All Swimwerks students participating in our ‘Learn to Swim’ program will be taught in accordance with our in-house lesson planned by ‘Swim Schools International (SSI)’ and/or ‘SwimSafer Syllabus’.

Swimwerks will provide a bi-yearly teaching review for all our students. Our passionate and professional team of swim teachers at our best capacity shall deliver the teaching syllabus to students at our best efforts. However, Swimwerks and our swim teachers shall not be held liable for the progression of any students.

It is not compulsory  for  Swimwerks to register for any internal or external swim assessments and tests. However, Swimwerks and our swim teachers may as accordance to recommend the in-house or ‘SwimSafer’ award based on the capability and ability of the students.

Two SwimSafer assessment bookings will be scheduled around March and September of the year. All assessments are subjected to booking availabilities and conditions in accordance with Swimwerks and the relevant government agencies. Assessment charges will apply accordingly.

Upon swim assessment, results are deemed as “FINAL” by the testing organizations and/or the school. Swimwerks & our swim teachers shall not be held liable for any results. All re-tests shall be charged accordingly and subjected to conditions set by Swimwerks and the testing organization.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Swimming is a motor skill that requires consistency and practice to achieve maximum results. Our swim classes are scheduled weekly on a fixed day and time which requires a minimum of 4 lessons monthly. Our class comprises water-based lessons, static drills, water safety knowledge, and basic lifesaving.

In the event of bad weather, group swim classes will still proceed as scheduled with our wet weather program. Static drills and activities, sharing of water safety knowledges, and basic lifesaving will be conducted at sheltered points during the dry-land sessions at the venue of training.

Should the weather clear before the end of the scheduled lesson time, pool lessons may be resumed. There will be no compensation of tie loss or pro-rate to your swim fees made due to the inclement weather.

Absence/Not Showing Up For Lessons

All missed lessons shall be deemed as a lesson done. There will be no make-up of lesson and pro-rate to the swim fees. Absentees with a valid medical certificate and/or other reasons (E.g., vaccination, Covid-19 restrictions, vacations, school camps, weddings, etc) will not be accepted and shall be deemed as a lesson done. Group classes shall proceed as scheduled due to the time and resources that have been pre-allocated. No make-up of lessons, pro-rate of swim fees or refund will be granted.

Hospitalisation Leaves

Hospitalization Leave is subjected to Swimwerks’ evaluation. Swimwerks reserves the right to grant the pro-ration of swim fees or make-up lessons based on a case-to-case basis.

School Holidays – Travelling/Vacation

Swimwerks operates on a 12-month basis of swimming classes, which includes the school holiday periods (March, June, September, and December).

For all group class students with a valid travel notice given, Swimwerks shall out of goodwill grant a maximum of up to 2 lessons, only in the month of June and December. We will pro-rate accordingly for the absentees.

All travel notices and documents must be submitted by the students or the parents 30 days before the traveling date to our operations team at This is to better facilitate the pro-ration of your swim fee payment.

Any travel notices or documents given less than 30 days before the traveling date, your swim fee shall be paid in full in the month of your traveling and with no pro-ration of swim fee.

Assignment of Swim Teachers

Swimwerks reserves the right to make changes to the assignment of our swim teachers, if necessary.

Physical Contact During Lessons

Swimwerks put the utmost effort into the selection and recruitment of our swim teachers into our professional team. Physical contact will be required by our swim teachers during swimming lessons to assist the students in developing the right posture, positioning, and movements. Our swim teachers may also be required to support, guide, and assist the students when they are in distressed situations. We trust our swim teachers’ professionalism during swimming lessons. Should you have any concerns, please kindly submit your feedback to

Marketing and Advertising Rights

All media contents (e.g., photographs and videos) taken during the engagement of Swimwerks services strictly belong to Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Swimwerks reserves the right to use any photographs and videos taken during swim classes without the expressed written permission of those included in the photographs and videos.

Swimwerks may use the photographs and videos in publications or other media materials produced, used, or contracted by Swimwerks including but not limited to brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, social media, etc.

To ensure the privacy of individuals, images and videos will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject, parent, or legal guardian.

Individuals attending any Swimwerks classes, who do not wish to have their images or videos recorded for distribution, should make it known to Swimwerks by writing to

Any person or organization not affiliated with Swimwerks must not use, copy, alter or modify Swimwerks photographs, graphics, videos and/or other similar reproductions or recordings without the authorization from Swimwerks.

Mutual Respect Policy

In Swimwerks, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, and dignity and to create a positive and healthy work environment for everyone.

Under no circumstances is there any excuses or situation to use abusive, passive-aggressive, hostile, denigrating rude language or behavior towards the employees of Swimwerks. Any of such language or behavior will be shared and discussed with our clients, students, and the relevant authorities if we consider it necessary.

Communication Channels

Upon the confirmation of your children’s swimming class, we will add your registered contact number to your respective class WhatsApp group chat for updates by our administrator only. Should you require any further assistance regarding class matters, you may contact us at:
Swimwerks Office Hotline: 6805 8186
Operation email:
Operation timing: 10.00am to 15.30pm
Operation days: Monday to Friday