Although many learn swimming in Singapore to enjoy the water, lifeguards are still a must in every body of water. We often see lifeguards as part of a swimming pool or the beach. But have you ever wondered what kind of responsibilities they hold? Or what training they had to go through to be a lifeguard? Here is the ultimate lifeguard guide for you to learn more about them!


1. Leadership

Leadership is a crucial skill for lifeguards, as in times of crisis, they need to possess the correct leadership qualities to keep the situation under control. They will be able to keep bystanders, and anyone involved to stay calm and follow the lifeguard’s instructions to ensure a conducive environment to address the crisis.


2. Attentive

It goes without saying that lifeguards need to always be on alert. This alertness is because only some instances of drowning or life-threatening situations can be easily heard or seen by bystanders. Sometimes, they are silent and require the lifeguard to be attentive to spot the person who needs their help.


3. Communication

Communicating well will aid lifeguards in giving out instructions to bystanders and swimmers who need help. A crucial step in a crisis is always to stay calm. With the lifeguard’s efficient communication skills, a frightened swimmer can do just that and even alert those around them of any imminent dangers they need to be wary of. This strength in communication skills will ensure that people will listen to the lifeguards and they can maintain safety at the pool or beach.


4. Life-Saving

Even though this goes without saying, it is vital to emphasise that you should always feel safe with lifeguards as they undergo intense life-saving training before becoming a lifeguard. They learn skills such as CPR, first aid, water rescue, being able to swim long distances in a short amount of time, and surface diving to the floor of the pool. They are also trained in spotting and preventing accidents that might occur in the water. With their supervising skills, swimmers will always have a good pair of eyes on them.


5. Endurance

This skill is crucial, as lifeguards must withstand harsh weather conditions such as a rough sea or strong wind. This ability is due to oceans being unpredictable, and a distressed swimmer could be stuck among such harsh weather conditions that the lifeguard must swim through. With speed and mental agility, lifeguards will take the necessary steps after spotting a distressed swimmer, such as taking a life-saving device, assessing how to get to the water and swimming to the person in the shortest amount of time.



A lifeguard is vital for the aquatic safety of guests as their presence ensures everyone’s safety and provides you with ease as you can enjoy the water in peace. Being a lifeguard is a high stake job that shouldn’t be overlooked, as lifeguards are the secret protectors, always watching over you when you’re in the water. The responsibility and skills they possess are of utmost importance. If you’re interested in becoming a lifeguard, Swimwerks offers lifeguard services in Singapore through our Life Saving Courses. Join us now!