Drowning is said to be the third highest reason for unintentional deaths worldwide, with roughly one million casualties yearly. A fatal misconception is that people who drown make a lot of noise and movement. What they don’t realise is that this is not always the case. People tend to drown more quietly. They mostly try to keep their mouths above the water to breathe, so they often cannot yell or splash around to get attention.


Studies show that adults who don’t know how to swim can typically struggle for about 60 seconds, and infants or toddlers can struggle for around 20 seconds. With this in mind, it highlights the necessity for lifeguard services in Singapore for surveillance and immediate action.


Primary Roles

The primary roles of a lifeguard are to stop accidents, notice possible risks before they become dangerous, and react to troubles when necessary. If needed, they can also educate the public about the dangers of water activities and how to be careful around water. Children’s drownings frequently occur near parents, so it is forever crucial for parents to monitor their children while swimming, even if lifeguards are present.


Not only young children but even strong swimmers are also at risk of drowning. They can have a rotten day that can eventually cause an accident.


Lifeguard Career

Lifeguarding is a challenging career that involves being cautious and alert. Watching and surveying the water is physically and mentally exhausting to lifeguards. This is because they potentially face numerous dangers by just doing their everyday job with their work conditions not being the best.


They are always at risk for heat stroke or exhaustion due to being under the sun daily, so they need to keep hydrated and not forget to put on sunscreen so they will always be at their best in an emergency. They do all these to keep the swimmers safe and enjoy their time.


Lifeguards must follow and keep up with multiple rules for the swimmer’s best interest. There are times when swimmers get angry with lifeguards because lifeguards are often telling people what they should not be doing around water. However, remember that they are doing their jobs to keep you and the people you are with safe.



It is beneficial for everyone to have lifeguards at an aquatic facility or beachfront as they are there to look out for all swimmers. They are thoroughly trained in emergency techniques and can concentrate on scanning the water and recognising possible risks.


Listening to your lifeguard about water safety and protocols can also help lower the drowning percentage worldwide. If your organisation or group is looking for lifeguard services in Singapore to help manage the aquatic safety of your aquatic facility and keep your guests safe, look no further than Swimwerks, as we provide long- and short-term lifeguard services. We also offer swimming lessons for kids, as starting them early unlocks the door to a world of fun for your kids and also helps keep them safe at the same time. There are many benefits of kids having swimming lessons from a young age, book a session with us now!