Swimming is a challenge for some children. Many have difficulties in their learning experiences, which causes distress in parents who enrol their kids in swimming lessons. Have you ever wondered why some children have difficulty learning how to swim? Here are a few possibilities that you can consider:


1. Negative Experiences With Water

As a child that isn’t used to the water, it is normal for them to fear it. It is significantly worse if they have a negative experience, such as near drowning or being unable to be independent in the water. This fear sets them back in their swimming journey, as it’ll take particularly long for them to progress in their aquatic skills. However, by enrolling your children in swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, you’ll be able to help your kid advance in their swimming.


2. Lack of Practice

If your child attends lessons infrequently or only has them once a week, it might not be enough for them to progress quickly. Therefore, even if their swimming lessons are just once a week, consider bringing them to the pool and letting them have at least 30 minutes of swim time under your supervision. This extra pool experience will increase the time they spend practising, giving them an upper hand in progressing. With more such practice, they’ll be able to remember and retain their swimming techniques.


3. Lack of Fun

A great way to get kids to do something is to emphasise the fun of it all! If their lessons are “boring” or don’t quite grasp their attention, they dread going to their classes and naturally refuse to retain what they learn. Therefore, choosing the right type of swimming coach in Singapore for your children is vital! At Swimwerks, we have well-trained professionals that will guide your children in their swimming journey in a fun way.


4. Lack of Motor Skills

If swimming lessons weren’t begun from a relatively young age, your child might not be used to the rigours of swimming. Swimming takes up the entire body’s mobility and can be highly exhausting. To address this concern, it’s always best to let your children do the activities you would typically opt to do as parents. These include putting on their clothes, pouring beverages, and asking them to help you open or close containers, drawers, and more! This act enhances their motor function and hand-eye coordination, which will then aid in their swimming lessons.



While it may seem challenging to get your kid to learn to swim at a steady pace, always remember that every child is unique. Regardless of how long it takes, patience is vital, and all you have to do is aid them in small ways, as mentioned above, so that they can progress in their swimming journey. With many benefits of kids having swimming lessons from a young age, join the Learn to Swim programme at Swimwerks! With our structured lessons plan, small class size and experienced coaches, we will ensure that your child is learning efficiently. Don’t miss out!