Why choose Swimwerks Swimming Lessons?


Structured Lesson Plan

We have adopted a proven structure with a step-by-step learning syllabus to cater to your child’s learning ability and progression. This gives your child personalised swimming lessons for their learning journey.


Small Class Size

Swimwerks take safety as our first priority. Additionally, we value quality and believe that every student should be given ample time by their teachers. With a maximum class size of 4 students to 1 swim teacher, it allows our swim teachers to focus on every student’s learning progression.


>20 years of Coaching Experiences

Our teachers are passionate, dedicated, and experienced in “Learn to Swim” programs. Additionally, all our teachers are in-house trained and certified with a local or international swim teaching certification.


Wide range of Timeslots

Swimwerks has a wide range of timeslots throughout the week for both group and private classes to best suit your availability.


Syllabus & Certifications

Swimwerks is an official swim centre partner of SSI & AustSwim. We are also providing the MOE-recognised SwimSafer program.


Developed more than 10,000 students

Throughout the years of aquatic coaching, Swimwerks has groomed more than 10,000 swimmers.

Toddlers’ Swimming Lesson

“SPLASH-IN JOY” lessons (Age 4 and above).

With Swimwerk’s swimming lessons, toddlers will learn to swim in a fun and interactive environment. Through an international teaching style, we gain their trust through games and let them be comfortable in the water at their own pace.

Every child learns swimming differently, and we will guide your kid in the way that deems fit for them. With a fun and happy environment, this swimming program will nurture your child towards a positive character and possess a well-rounded attitude in the future!

We have curated this swimming program for toddlers in Singapore together with our partner, Swim Schools International (SSI), for your kid to learn in the best way possible.

Duration: 45mins

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Kids' Swimming Lesson

FUN N JOY” Lessons: (Age 6 and above).

Swimwerks’s swimming lessons for kids in Singapore focus on developing your child’s character and cultivating a positive mindset toward sportsmanship. Learning in a smaller group setting also enables your child to interact and mingle with their peers.

Our program focuses on instilling the importance of core values and fundamentals that help to develop a strong foundation. At the same time, our swim teachers work to build your kid’s water confidence and progressively achieve the recognised swim strokes and skills.

Through our swimming program for kids, Swimwerks believes that the best prevention against drowning is knowledge of water safety and the ability to swim confidently and comfortably in any aquatic environment.

Duration: 45 minutes

Adults' Swimming Lesson

It’s never too late to start learning to swim!

We cater swimming lessons to your comfort level in the water and guidance towards your set objective:

Not only is it a life skill, but swimming is also a healthy sport which you can continue for a lifetime. Our swimming programs will provide you with that and more!

What are the benefits of swimming?

  • Helps maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs
  • Builds endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Toning your muscles through a full-body exercise
  • A good way to relax and feel good by destressing after a long day of work
  • Survival skills during aquatic emergencies

Lastly, you will now be confident to explore other aquatic sports such as lifesaving, snorkelling, or Scuba diving!

Duration: 45 mins

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